domingo, janeiro 29, 2006

Mupi interactivo

A YDreams, juntamente com a JCDecaux, desenvolveu o seu primeiro mupi interactivo, que ficará junto ao Aeroporto de Lisboa.

A system of sensors incorporated into the furniture’s design, enable it to detect and react to the presence of people in a surrounding radius. A similar version also being commercialised, features a screen (plasma or monitor) with built-in sensors, which offers three options that allow users to choose what they wish to view, activate different reactions on the display or download content by the infrared connection on their mobile phones. This surprising and innovative approach allows for a more intimate and effective use of the advertising medium by benefiting the brand as well as the general public. (YDreams)

Nota Bene: A YDreams aparece, uma vez mais, com grande destaque na imprensa, sendo a notícia principal (acesso condicionado) da revista Única, do Expresso desta semana.

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