terça-feira, janeiro 15, 2008

Videojogos (pouco) educativos

Segundo notícia do ABC News, Educational Games D'ont Really Educate:

Despite claims that they help kids learn, the majority of educational video games have little if any research to back up their claims, says a study released at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. [...]
"These games claim educational value but with no research to support these assertions," Fitzpatrick said. [...]
The center studied more than 300 digital educational products aimed at children ages 3 to 11. According to the study, few of the products used children's education research in their development.

Esta notícia baseia-se num estaudo elaborado pela Joan Ganz Cooney Center, cuja missão é...
...to catalyze and support research, innovation and investment in digital media technologies to advance children's learning.

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